Head Neck and Back Massage

30 minute session

A stress reducing massage concentrating on the upper body: head, neck, back and shoulders – the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension.

This massage also loosens the scalp and improves circulation in previously congested muscles increasing oxygen to the brain and ultimately the flow of energy.

Full Body Massage

30 minute session

Healing massage using traditional acupressure techniques and essential oils to treat a range of conditions by manipulating the muscles in the body to correct the imbalances, relieve pain and increase a healthy flow of oxygen.

You can, of course, have a double session: 1 hour’s healing massage. Or even a triple session!

What my customers say

I would like to thoroughly recommend Huaying. Prior to my attendance I was experiencing excruciating back pain. However, after just a few sessions I am able to function again quite normally. The results have been fantastic and life-changing
S Atkinson

After suffering months of pain in my right arm and shoulder I decided to book an appointment at Oriental Garden.

I have now had a course of treatment including massage and acupuncture which has succeeded where orthodox medicine had failed.

I would highly recommend treatment at the Oriental Garden after such a favourable outcome.

Collin Arliss

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