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What my customers say

In April both my big toe joints became very swollen, inflamed and painful. I needed to buy larger shoes and slippers.

I started acupuncture and foot massage in November and by Christmas all the pain had gone and the swelling had reduced to the extent I need to buy new slippers. After a second course of treatment my shoes were too big. In January I bought smaller shoes. After a third course of treatment my feet are back to the size they were. I can walk easily without pain.

Thank you Mrs Lyle

Margaret Newsam

I would like to thank you for the acupuncture treatment that you recommended. Having been in pain for 3 months I can’t believe the difference after just 6 visits. I have no pain at all and don’t even need the cushion support in my shoe.

I will definitely return for a luxury massage in the future, the combination of the treatment and your knowledge has left me pain free, which is fantastic!

A very happy client!


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